10 Benefits to Owning a Dog

10 Benefits to Owning a Dog

It’s easy to say that our lives are improved by the canines in them. There’s a reason why we call dogs “man’s best friend,” and it’s not just for their loyalty. Dogs bring so much to our lives, from companionship and service to love and affection. But did you know there are even more ways that owning a dog can improve your life? It turns out dogs are actually very beneficial to human health! There are so many things that our canine companions do for us, we decided to make a list of ways our dogs improve our lives, from making us happy to helping us sleep at night.

  1. Dogs can lift your mood

Did you know there’s actually a scientific reason for why playing with your dog makes you happy? Interacting with our furry friends makes our brains release the “happy chemicals,” serotonin and dopamine. Dog owners are also less likely to suffer from depression.

  1. Dogs can lower your blood pressure

Believe it or not, even just the act of petting a dog can momentarily lower your blood pressure. Studies have found that when in stressful situations, dog owners don’t experience as high of a rise in blood pressure as non-pet owners. Even some people with borderline hypertension have experienced a drop in blood pressure after adopting a dog!

  1. Dogs encourage us to exercise

Anyone with a canine companion will tell you that dogs have endless amounts of energy that needs to be burned off every day. This works as a great motivation for owners to stay active too! Dogs are also the perfect workout buddy because they’re consistent and don’t offer any negative influences, after all, no one’s more excited for a walk than your furry baby. Consistent exercise not only keeps your dog healthy, but you as well!

  1. Dogs help us stay healthy in so many ways

Dogs are great companions, to the point where they can prevent loneliness in humans, which helps ward off illness and can even increase your lifespan. If that wasn’t enough for you, studies have shown that heart attack patients with dogs survive longer than those without.

  1. They even improve our mental health too

Canine companionship has been shown to reduce anxiety since dogs offer us their love completely judgment-free. Having someone that relies on us for their wellbeing also gives us a sense of purpose, which increases self-worth.

  1. Dogs fulfill the human need for touch

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to be touched often, it’s still one of our basic needs as human beings. Going without it for too long can actually cause a person to go through serious behavioral changes. So, next time you cuddle with your furry friend, know that you’re doing it to keep yourself mentally strong!

  1. Dogs have benefits for kids too

Growing up with a dog actually reduces the risk of developing allergies and asthma as a child gets older. Having a dog in the home can also improve a child’s self-esteem since dogs are a source of unwavering love and affection.

  1. Dogs can help us fall asleep quicker

Many people have found it easier to fall asleep at night when their dog sleeps in the same room as them. This is because subconsciously our brain knows there is someone nearby who cares about our protection, which makes us feel safe enough to drift off easily.

  1. Dogs help protect us

It is true a little Pomeranian or Yorkie may not deter a break-in, however, a larger dog might. A local news station in Idaho asked 86 burglars about their experiences, and a number of them reported that a large, protective dog on the other side of the door would often deter them from entering a home.

  1. Dogs teach us responsibility

Some people adopt dogs as practice before having a kid. Some people adopt dogs that are their kids! No matter the reason you’ve accepted a furry friend into your life, having someone who relies on you for love and care is a great way to learn responsibility.

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