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8 Pet Charities Worth Your Donation

When you give to a charitable organization, it’s vital to do your research and make sure your donation is used as intended. Many charities funnel money into overhead for fundraisers, salaries, and “administration fees,” not for any actual benefit. Fortunately, groups such as Charity Watch and Charity Navigator have started to take a closer look at these organizations, how they spend their funds, and the actual impact they make. Groups that rank highly on these groups are groups that wisely spend their money, keep administration fees low, and actually focus on making a positive impact for pets and humans alike.

When donating to pet charities, it’s especially important to do your homework; you want to make sure that the charity you’re supporting is actually working to rescue pets, give them proper medical attention, and find them loving homes.

We have partnered with some of the best pet charities in the United States, according to watchdog groups. These charities spend their money wisely to rescue animals in need and match them with loving households. They take the time and do the work to advance pet interests throughout the country, helping to create a more progressive and humane world with every rescued animal. 

Richmond SPCA

Richmond SPCA saves over 4,000 pets every year. They rescue animals in need across Virginia and provide the care they need, whether it be medical treatment or behavioral rehabilitation. They then match each pet with a loving forever home.Richmond SPCA does more than facilitate pet adoptions; they focus on care, education, and outreach as well. They operate Richmond's first and only low-cost veterinary hospital; they also work with local Trap-Neuter-Return participants to provide free sterilization surgeries and rabies vaccinations to stray and feral cats. On top of these programs, Richmond SPCA works with community and state governments to advocate for humane pet legislation. Your donation will fund important veterinary procedures, educational programs for children, pet training classes, and other community resources. 

Nevada Humane Society

Nevada Humane Society is the only open-admission, no-kill shelter in Nevada. Since its inception in 2007, it has placed more than 100,000 pets into loving forever homes. This charity is not funded by national animal welfare groups or government agencies; it runs entirely upon donations. Nevada Humane Society works with other local organizations to fund a number of incredible pet welfare initiatives. These wonderful programs include PUPS on parole, which pairs dogs from Nevada Humane Society with qualified incarcerated individuals. The inmates work with the dogs to correct any behavioral issues and train them for life in homes with families. PUPS on Parole has shown remarkable promise in enriching the lives of the dogs and the inmates who go through the program and opening doorways to better futures. In addition to PUPS on Parole, Nevada Humane Society works to benefit all kinds of animal initiatives throughout the region. Your donation toNevada Humane Society will help fund pet food assistance programs, adoption initiatives, Trap Neuter Return programs, and other ventures that benefit pets and humans in the community. 


spcaLA is an independent nonprofit serving the Los Angeles area. It runs entirely on donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. spcaLA’s services encompass all aspects of pet welfare; whether you’d like to donate towards animal advocacy or towards a pet’s immediate medical needs, this charity can help. They are very open about how they spend their money; your donation will go towards adoption services, low-cost dog training programs, animal cruelty investigations, disaster response programs, and more.spcaLA even offers temporary housing for the pets of domestic abuse survivors, allowing them to seek safety themselves without worrying about leaving their pets behind. Donating to this charity benefits people in need as well as pets in need. With three convenient locations in the greater Los Angeles area, spcaLA makes it as easy as possible to get in touch.

Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive! In Austin, TX is committed to pet welfare and has an impressive track record of success - when they were founded in 1997, Austin shelters had a kill-rate of 87%. Today, the city is the largest No-Kill city in the country, with a save-rate of 97%! This incredible turnaround is due in no small part to the efforts ofAustin Pets Alive! In addition to advocating for no-kill legislation, this charity has poured efforts into trap-spay-neuter programs, outreach and education programs for responsible pet ownership, training programs to ensure well-behaved pets, disaster relief for displaced pets, and research efforts into parvo, feline leukemia, and other life-threatening conditions. Austin Pets Alive! has partnered with other charities and organizations to make some truly inspiring progress in the past decades; your donation will help this charity continue its vital work. 

Palm Valley Animal Society

Located in Edinburgh, Texas, Palm Valley Animal Society provides intake, rescue, foster, adoption, transportation, wellness, and educational programs for pet welfare throughout the Rio Grande Valley.Palm Valley Animal Society takes in approximately 25,000 animals every year; it is one of the largest intake facilities in the country. Your donation to PVAS helps fund adoptions for senior pets to senior humans, as well as no-fee adoptions for military, firefighters, first responders, teachers, and law enforcement professionals. You will also be helping to fund rescue and transport programs, trap-neuter-return programs for stray and feral cats, two local dog parks, low-cost microchipping, community resources, rescue and transport programs, and the charity’s monthly low-cost wellness clinic and drive-thru pet pantry! 

San Diego Humane Society

San Diego Humane Society operates five locations in the area to provide services for 14 cities within San Diego County. As an independent nonprofit organization, it operates entirely on donations to fund its adoption, wildlife rehabilitation, spay/neuter services, vaccinations, and community outreach efforts. San Diego Humane Society’s core mission is animal rescue; your donation will help finance intake, rescue, veterinary services for each rescued animal, and adoption services to match each pet to a loving home. This pet charity has also established a number of innovative programs to advance its mission; its Kitten Program has nursed thousands of young kittens to health and matched them with loving homes. This pet charity also provides emergency and rehabilitative care to wildlife in need, providing San Diego residents with humane alternatives. Thanks to the efforts ofSan Diego Humane Society and other local pet charities, San Diego is the second-largest No-Kill city in the United States. Your donation will go a long way towards keeping this status going. 

Humane Society of North Central Florida

Founded in 2018 by a combination of organizations, the members of the Humane Society of North Central Florida have decades of experience in bettering the lives of pets throughout the region. Their mission is to eliminate needless euthanasia and make North Central Florida a no-kill community. They advocate for pet rights, match pets in need with their forever homes, and promote spaying and neutering through outreach and education. TheHumane Society of North Central Florida is very open about how they spend their money; your donations fund pet adoptions, foster programs, vaccine and wellness clinics, and spay and neuter programs to curb pet overpopulation.

Red Dog Rescue

While it’s one of the newer charities on this list, Red Dog Rescue has already made a name for itself. The rescue pulls dogs from high-kill shelters across the United States and places them in loving forever homes in Canada. The rescue was founded by a group of young women determined to address the overpopulation of dogs around the world, with a focus on Texas. Rescue work like this requires resources to rescue promising dogs in need from shelters and handle medical expenses, not to mention expenses to transport pets across the country and over the Canadian border. Your donation toRed Dog Rescue will go towards veterinary care for the rescues, transportation services from the foster homes into Canada, and other necessary expenses. 

Do Your Research

We all love animals and want to do what we can to help them; helping pet charities is a great way to do that. When we give, we want to make sure that our donations are going to ethical pet charities that work hard to advance the interests of pets, humans, and wildlife. Progressive pet charities work to care for pets in need, match homeless pets to loving homes, and advocate for legislation that helps pets and wild animals in need across the country and the world. Whether you want to donate money, volunteer your time, or help with fundraising efforts, there are many ways you can help worthy pet charities throughout the country.

If you want to donate to a pet charity in the United States, do your research before giving. Charity watchdog groups help do the work for you; they rate charities based on their trustworthiness and the work they do. Whether you want to give to a large nationwide organization or a local group, learning how a charity spends its donations will give insight on whether you want to support it.