Pet Portraits in Uniform

Pet Portraits in Uniform

For us humans, there’s just something about military dress uniforms that are so fancy. Not only are they perfectly acceptable attire for any professional or extravagant event, but many people even get married in them! No matter what country or branch of the armed forces someone is from, they are sure to be looking their best when decked out in their military finery.

Today we know that there are different uniforms within the military repertoire to be used for different occasions. A full dress uniform is not the same as a service dress uniform, and both are very different from combat uniforms. It may surprise you to know that for a long time this was not the case. For many years in history troops were supplied with a single version of their country’s uniform and were expected to wear that both on and off the battlefield. This means soldiers were decked out in bright, colorful outfits even in the middle of combat! Over the years this changed, and by World War I brightly colored uniforms had mostly disappeared from the armed forces, especially in battlefield attire.

When you look back at old military portraits, now you know that all of those stiff jackets, gold cords, and high waisted pants were actually worn not just for the painting, but also throughout an entire war. Military portraiture is an art that can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome and is a tradition still widely practiced today.

You probably know a few people whose service to yours and others safety deserves to be immortalized within a portrait. That person might even be your pet! We’ve all heard stories of dogs committing an act of bravery or a cat saving their owner’s life, but there are also little ways that our pets look out for us every day. Maybe your dog keeps a diligent patrol of your backyard or makes sure to thoroughly investigate strangers before they can come in the house. Or maybe you’re like me and you can’t reward your cat enough for catching and disposing of any bugs that make their way into your home.

         At Iconic Paw, we want to help you create a pet portrait the whole family will love, no matter the occasion. If your pet deserves to be remembered for their service to your home, then we suggest you check out our portraits for pets in uniform. Whether your pet is a decorated admiral, a stout commander, as brave as a marine, or even possesses the command of a duke, we have a portrait that will fit them perfectly. Maybe you have more than one accomplished pet in your home. Then you’ll have to check out our “Brothers in Arms” style as well! No matter what personality fits your pet best, you’re sure to find the perfect portrait style for them at
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