Royal Pet Portraits

Royal Pet Portraits


Ask any pet owner who is in charge at home and it’s very likely you’ll receive a four-legged answer. With their big pleading eyes and their soft cuddly bodies, it’s no surprise that it’s hard to deny our pets anything they want. We know we treat them like royalty, but it’s safe to say that they know they’re kings and queens in our eyes as well. You know this is true if your pooch has ever stolen your food and then growled at you when you tried to take their bone. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine, right?

Crowned King

As pet owners, we love to show off our pet’s attitude and style, and our kingly pups and kittens are no exception! Why waste time explaining to your friends that your beloved fur baby runs the household with an iron paw when a single picture says it all. We love to dress our pets up so that they look their best, and who else has been at the height of fashion more than royalty?

Playing dress-up with our pets, while fun, does present some unique challenges. While some pets enjoy being fussed over by their owners as they are squeezed into sweaters, most of our animal friends take some serious convincing, by which we mean lots and lots of treats. It is true that most pets can be trained into sitting still while we dress them up, but this training can also be a drawn-out process that a lot of busy pet parents simply don’t have the time for. So, even though your pampered pet acts like they carry the crown jewels, it’s highly unlikely they’ll tolerate any actual crowns on their head.

At Iconic Paw, we want to make showing off your pet’s style as easy as possible. Through our custom pet portraits, having a dress-up session fit for a king just became completely stress-free! Whether your pet is a dashing monarch, a dainty lady, or perhaps even king of the streets, we’re sure to have something that lets their personality shine through the canvas. We even have a royal couple’s portrait, because we know a king and queen are best when they rule together.

To get your own custom portrait, simply visit us at and find the style that fits your fur baby best. After that, all we need is a clear picture of your pet and your preferred canvas size, and before long you’ll have a portrait fit for a palace hanging in your own home!

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