The Importance of Preserving Pet Memories

The Importance of Preserving Pet Memories

It is an unfortunate fact that our pets usually have much shorter lifespans than we do. Most small dogs live an average of 13 years, while larger dogs live around 8. Cats who spend their lives indoors average 12-18 years, but outdoor cats have a much shorter expected life expectancy. While our pet’s entire lifetimes may take up only a portion of our own, that doesn’t make their time with us any less important or impactful. We often take photos and videos of our animals because we want to show them off to our friends and family, but we also do it so that we have reminders of our furry friends after they’re gone.

A large reason why people take photos is to preserve memories of a place, person, or event. This is because over time our brains will forget details of things so that our memories are no longer clear. We take photos of our pets so that we won’t forget even the smallest things about them, like how expressive their eyes were, or the funny face they made when you scratched under their chin. By having pictures to look back at, our pet’s memories can live on long after they’re no longer around.

Photos are also a great way for passing down memories to younger generations. Maybe your parents had a pet before you were born, or one that passed away when you were still too young to remember them. By having pictures of our pets, we can then connect images to the memories our loved ones share with us, allowing us to share these times with them in a way that we couldn’t otherwise.

At Iconic Paw, we want to help you remember more than just what your pet looked like, but also their unique personality and style. That is why we offer custom pet portraits that highlight the things you love most about your animal companion. Whether they’re as dainty as a princess, as commanding as an admiral, or as innocent as an angel, you’re sure to find something that shows the world who your pet really is. Simply visit us at and see how we can immortalize your furry friend in their own custom portrait today.

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