Tips for Camera Shy Pets

Tips for Camera Shy Pets

As pet owners, we love to capture special moments with our furry friends. We take pictures not only to show off our animal companions but also to remember them after they’re gone. Unfortunately, just like humans, some pets can be camera shy. Here are a few tips on helping your fur baby relax next time you want to have a photoshoot.

Introduce them to the camera

Cameras often make a lot of noise when in use, that, though our human ears can’t pick up, our pet’s sensitive ears can. All these strange sounds can make a camera seem scary and strange, with good reason! A great way to lessen your pet’s fear is to let them investigate your camera. Letting them sniff it and realize it won’t hurt them is a great start to reassuring your pet.

Of course, not every pet will be willing to simply approach something scary and new. A great way to coax them into checking the camera out is to sit on the floor with it in your lap. Use treats to get your pet to come closer and encourage them to investigate. Remember to reward them for being brave and staying calm. Slowly practice raising your camera to your face, and if your pet becomes uncomfortable stop and lets them calm down again. Though this is a process that requires a lot of practice and patience, it will be worth it when you can finally capture a picture of your pet happy and comfortable.

Let your pet see you

How we act when trying to take a picture of something is not the behavior our pets are used to and might be part of what’s freaking them out. One solution may be to have a friend take photos while you hold your pet or play with them. Some pets simply need to have their owners in their line of sight in order to calm down. Our fur babies know that they are safe with us, so use this to your advantage and don’t break their trust.

Tire your pet out

This may not work for all pets, but sometimes the best way to get your animal companion camera ready is to play and exercise with them beforehand. Once they’ve expended most of their energy, they’ll be more relaxed, and hopefully too mellow to mind the camera.

Use your zoom

We’ve all seen the stunning close-ups some people are able to capture their pets, but unfortunately not every animal will let a camera get that close. Sometimes it’s best to just sit back and let technology work in your favor. Thankfully, even zoomed in pictures can come in good quality these days.

At Iconic Paw, we believe all pets deserve their moment in the spotlight, even if they are camera shy. That’s why we use our custom pet portraits to bring out your furry friend’s unique personality and style. Visit us today at to see how we can make your pet shine!


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