Tips For Getting Good Pet Photos

Tips For Getting Good Pet Photos

Some of us pet owners have been blessed with photogenic animals, pets who aren’t afraid to turn their wide eyes to the camera and soak up all of our attention through a digital lens. For the vast majority of owners though this simply isn’t the case. Whether you have a camera out or not, pets are going to be excitable, wiggly, and basically doing whatever it is they want to do. Most of the time, good pet photos appear out of lots of trial and error and a fair amount of luck.

At Iconic Paw, taking pet photos is a huge part of our process when it comes to creating custom pet portraits. That’s why we’ve put together a few helpful tips for capturing your four-legged friend at their best.

Rewards and Incentives

Teaching your pet how to stay still can be very beneficial when it comes to taking their picture, so long as they get rewarded for their efforts. If your pet isn’t the type to follow commands, try catching them when they’re relaxed and not likely to move around too much.

Getting them to face the camera might be a bit more difficult, and every pet will respond differently, so it helps to figure out what captures your pet’s attention beforehand. For example, one of my cats responds to kissing noises, another response to snaps, and the third will look whenever we call his name. If your pet isn’t very responsive to noises, treats and toys are also a great way to get them to focus on a certain spot.

Be Patient

Just like babies and children, sometimes pets just aren’t in the mood to be photographed. Whether they’re energetic and playful or seeking solitude for a nap, sometimes it’s just best to put the camera away and wait. Eventually, you’ll catch your furry friend when they’re relaxed and responsive, and your pictures will be all the better for it.

Use Natural Light

While using a flash may be quick and easy, the light is often too harsh, casting weird shadows and sometimes even giving your pet glowing eyes! Natural lighting outdoors is more likely to flatter your pet and give them full coverage so we can see all their best features. If your pet doesn’t like going outside, don’t worry! Soft window lighting is perfect for pet photoshoots.

Get on Their Level

Taking pictures from our eye line forces our pets to look up at us and makes them appear small. Even though we may have to lay on the floor to get at the perfect height, it’s worth it when we can face our pets head-on, creating a more intimate portrait.

Order your Pet Portrait

Once you’ve taken the perfect picture of your pet, it’s time to turn it into a portrait that captures their personality and style. At Iconic Paw, we want to help you create a unique pet portrait that will catch everyone’s eye, so come visit us at today!
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