Can I see my portrait before it ships?
Yes! When you are on the Shipping Options page, select the one with "Artwork Preview Before Shipment."
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we have 11 facilities located around the world located in the US, Australia, Canada, UK, Mexico, and Other European Countries. 
How do you make your portraits?
We have a team of highly skilled artists that use our proprietary set of photo editing skills. We use special techniques combined with many digital brushes and blends.  Each work of art is based on your pet's photo.  This, coupled with our unique method, makes a beautiful portrait every time.
Do you only make portraits of dogs and cats?
We make portraits of all pet types. Birds, Hamsters, Rabbits, Lizards, Horses, just to name a few. If you have a pet photo, we'll make it a Masterpiece.  

Can I have more than one pet in my portrait?
Yes! We can put more than one pet in a portrait. Here is a link to our multi-pet option. (Click Here To View Our Multi Pet Portrait)

Are the photos from my phone's camera good enough to be used?
If that's the only PHOTO you have from your PET we can make it work.

Can I change my order?

You can change your order up to 5 hours after you place it. Because each order is one of a kind after 5 hours has passed, any changes will be at our discretion.

How much is a pet portrait?

Custom Pet Portrait price starts from $49.95 depending on the size of your canvas.