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The Socialite

The Socialite

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387% Satisfaction Guarantee (Yep, No Typo, We Mean it!)

A Canvas Masterpiece Featuring Your Pet
That’s right, you’re about to own “THE” famous portrait everyone wishes they had us make for their pet before you.

But it’s too late for them, there can only be one “Socialite” in your neighborhood.

So lay back, kick your feet up, and enjoy watching others admire your pet’s hilariously bold “I’m-more-regal-than-you-are-and-you-know-it” kind of confidence.

5 Inspiring Reasons Why You Should Own A Custom Iconic “Pawtrait” Of Your Pet

  • Gallery quality canvas on a ready-to-hang frame
  • Fixes Bad Mood Days in Seconds
  • 98.7% Guaranteed to make people laugh
  • Officially lets your pet know that you think he/she is a big deal
  • Made by real artists that draw pet portraits day in and day out(so lucky!)

So what are you waiting for?

Join the growing family of Iconic Paw and before long, you’ll be enjoying side-splitting laughter at people’s reactions!

Simply upload your favorite pet photo and our artists will work their magic to turn it into a regal masterpiece.

Go tap that order button already?


Some basic tips for pet photography include using natural light and keeping your pets entire face in the picture.

Absolutely! We have a custom portrait perfect for you. Click here to view

Yes, props make portraits fun and add a lot of personality.

Absolutely! We can create a custom portrait perfect for you. Click here to view

Absolutely! If you’re not completely satisfied we’ll give you your money back. We have a 100% guarantee that lasts 60 days after your order's delivery date. Check out our Refund Policy page for more info.

Yes, we create themed portraits for Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays. .

Yes, you can sign up to be an Iconic Paw Ambassador Here.

Yes, Please let us know we can customize it to your liking.

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